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Service Centre

Base Grinding

Using the only Wintersteiger Jupiter in the Southern Hemisphere, our team can grind flat and create a new base pattern perfect for any conditions. 


What does a base grind do?

A base grind will flatten out the plastic base of your skis or board creating a nice flat surface for making contact with snow. We then add a very thin pattern into the plastic which allows for water movement and removes friction. The allows your skis or board to glide perfectly over the snow.


When do I need a base grind?

We recommend up to twice a season or if you need repairs to your base.


Edge Sharpening

Using unique V-Edge technology, we can custom tune your base and side edges to your liking.

If you're not sure what will be best, our technicians can recommend the best angle degrees for your ability and the snow conditions.


What does edge sharpening do?

Metal edges are there to help your skis or board cut through ice and snow to turn and stop. Keeping these edges sharp and at precise angles will keep better control through your turns.


When do I need my edges sharpened?

We recommend every 14 days on snow, if you haven't been for a while, or if you need repairs to your base.



Our wax future uses infared light to open up the porous plastic on the base of your skis and board and achieve a deep wax while you wait. We offer standard, premium and premium race wax options to suit your style and ability.


What does ski and board waxing do?

Once you have a nice pattern and sharp edges, wax will allow your skis or board to glide accross the surface of the snow without sticking.


When do I need my base waxed?

We recommend atleast every 5 days on snow, depending on snow conditions, at the start of every season, or if you need repairs to your base.



Our technicians can assist with all types of repairs including base or top sheet damage, binding mounting, snowboard binding repairs and more. 


Why should I get my base or top sheet repaired?

Damage to the base of your skis or board will stop them feeling smooth under your feet. Damage to the ski or board can get worse over time and you risk getting water damage to the internal structure of the equipment.


Is there anything that can't be repaired?

Most things can be. The best way to know if to bring your equipment on for our technicians to have a look for you.